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Bolster’s on the hunt for a new Digital Campaign Manager to join our Digital Team. We thought who better than our whip smart Digital Campaign Manager Rebekah McNutt to explain the ins and outs of the role.

Bek joined our Melbourne office the week before COVID-19 made WFH an everyday activity. Over a year and a half of Zoom calls and Slack messages, she’s built a stellar rep as our go-to person when Google Tag Manager fires blanks or when a campaign is crying out for a Twitch campaign. Her current happy clients include Linktree, Jameson and Frameline Festival.



Still from Nikita Dragun’s video ‘Full Face Using Ex Beauty Guru Friends Makeup’

Self-proclaimed lover of online drama and Social Media Coordinator at Bolster, Ruby Giles, looks into the rise of YouTube’s now infamous ‘Beauty Gurus’. How are they shaping content and culture in 2020, and what does it mean for brands?

“What’s up everybody? Welcome BACK to my channel!” — Jeffree Star, 2020

Beauty Gurus are beauty vloggers, who create videos related to beauty, skincare and fashion. An early pioneer of this genre was Michelle Phan, who joined the platform in 2006. Since this monumental year, there have been over 14-billion views on beauty-related videos on the platform.

The US is the…

As a Content Creator at Bolster, Ed Gurr, has been using his experience on set to help refine pre-production processes for clients. He unpacks the importance of it and offers a few tips of his own below.

The Situation

Picture this; you’ve received some raw footage from a freelance videographer. You’re scrubbing through those MOVs, looking to find that perfect key shot for the final version.

It could be a moment from the CEO’s speech neatly summarising the client’s brand messaging? A sweeping wide shot of the client’s brand activation at the event? The ever-client-pleasing product close-up? Even a glorious drone shot…

Every second Friday afternoon, you’ll find Bolster’s Creative team crammed into a meeting room (a Zoom window for now), beers in hand, for a catch-up colloquially known as ‘Content Crush’. This is where our designers, producers, editors and creators come together to share their favourite pieces of content.

For this month’s Content Crush, we have Hugo Dean, Bolster’s Creative Producer. He learns how to correctly cook rice, has a run at being Beyonce’s assistant, and crushes on a couple of great shots. Enjoy!

Uncle Roger

“Uncle Roger needs the fire! Who use induction stove?!”

Not only is this piece of content…

Ever wanted to know a producer at Bolster does? Or maybe what a producer even is? We got the answers from our very own Creative Producer, Hugo Dean, whose role straddles content production, music licensing, account management, and so much more.

Since joining Bolster in 2017, Hugo has worked on content-led campaigns for clients including Somersby, Sapporo, and YouTube Music, as well as producing the Laneway Festival 2020 wrap video.

More recently, he has been producing isolation content for clients such as Vanessa and coordinated the live stream with Client Liaison for KFC and Reach Out. …

Over the past few months e-commerce has been a lifeline for merchants and shoppers alike. With growing demand, brands are increasing their ad spend to drive traffic to product pages. Arriving on this page however is simply the start of a journey and one that leads to a sale on average two to three percent of the time.

With a background in e-commerce, one of our Campaign Managers, Rebekah McNutt, looks at some ways to give your product a fighting chance.

#1 Hero your call to action

The first step in the conversion process is the add to cart button. …

You’ve heard of Gen Z, but who are they really? They are the digitally savvy pioneers of ’OK Boomer’. They’re the group responsible for the rise of TikTok. And in 2020, likely to be at the front of the protest line. But if we’re looking to put it simply, they’re anyone born between 1995 and 2015.

This is a generation who believe they’re inheriting a world worse off than their generational predecessors (five in 10 Gen Z believe that actually).

Every second Friday afternoon, you’ll find Bolster’s Creative team crammed into a meeting room (a Zoom window for now), beers in hand, for a catch-up colloquially known as ‘Content Crush’. This is where our designers, producers, editors and creators come together to share their favourite pieces of content.

What Is Content Crush?

Content Crush is a time to appreciate the technical and creative feats of other content creators and discuss new trends, to help inspire the team in the projects Bolster is currently working on. Sometimes the meeting is themed (previous examples include food and stop motion animation). …

We launched Bolster Buddies in 2019 to connect people with our team to meet and chat about digital, design, content and web development.

Last year our program paired up applicants — students, interns, juniors and those mid-career — with Bolster staff members for a fun, informal chat over coffee. The aim was to help people learn about our industry and provide guidance on how to get a leg-up wherever they’re headed.

In 2020 we’ve learnt that staying connected is more important than ever, so we’re here to let you know we’re still available for a coffee or chat … via…

“People think innovation is just having a good idea but a lot of it is just moving quickly and trying a lot of things.” — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

“Ya can’t stop progress!” — Bill Heslop, Murial’s Wedding

During the great disruption of COVID-19 we’ve seen big tech put the pedal to the metal to release new features, double down on e-commerce capabilities and acquire, acquire, acquire!

This innovation acceleration stems from the understanding that, as humans, we have a fundamental need to have our basic values met and made convenient through the things that we touch every day. …


Entertainment and culture marketing specialists. We build world class campaigns and content for brands to connect with and grow their audiences.

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