Interesting attributes of my Teammates and LFA

Today i’ll be talking about attributes, to be more specific interesting attributes that some of my teammates have including our LFA(Learning Facilitator Assistant).

On Monday the 22nd of October , I finally got to meet all my team members including our LFA for the Andela week 1 Boot-camp. The Boot-camp will be another great learning experience for me. We are a total of seven people and together we are team Jupiter, an awesome name for sure.

With the coolest slogan, “Leave no man behind”

Scott Francis

I’’ll start by talking about Scott. Among my teammates, he’s the funniest one. Always trying to add humor here and there to whatever he says. Even in his daily stand-ups there is always that one funny thing he’ll add. That sense of humor is nice, it makes things less serious than they seem. Another thing is that he speaks a lot about this popular mandazi called KDF. Have always wondered how many KDFs he can eat. Apart from that he’s a great teammate, and from the sense of humor, I find it so easy to talk and interact with him.

Martin Muriuki

The next person would be Martin. I find him to be confident in whatever he does or when he speaks. There is always that feeling of, he’s sure of what he’s doing when I interact with him. The most interesting part is that, he will approach you from nowhere as a teammate and ask if you have managed to do this or that, and even offer to help without you actually asking for it. I admire that from him cause i believe he’s that one guy who helping just comes naturally.

Kelyn Paul

Another teammate is Paul. He’s a really cool guy which you can tell just from talking to him. I also find him to be really confident and knowledgeable about programming stuff. From the few days I have interacted with him, he’s been one of the main guys I seek help from and has never let me down before. And the interesting part is that, he’s always ready to leave whatever he was doing and listen to your blocker. Another thing I like is that, he’s explanations are always straight and easy to implement.

Dennis Murage

The last person i’ll be talking about is our team LFA. Dennis is a cool and simple guy. Before I got to meet him, I was really not sure how i’ll interact with him as our LFA or how he’ll handle us and everything. But on Monday, from what i saw, I realized he’s easily approachable. Like there isn’t any moment you’ll be afraid to ask him a question. Which made it easy for me to even call his cell. Another interesting thing is that, he’s one of those LFAs who you could tell he has confidence in his team just from the way he talks to us.

I’m really grateful for the help I receive from all of my teammates and beyond. Having a team is the most powerful tool one could have in order to achieve the greatest human works ever. And I believe in order to succeed, through a team in addition to personal effort , is the best methodology one could employ.

And that’s all about a few members of team Jupiter