CrowdIF - Collective Intelligence Program LAUNCHED!!

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How to MAXIMIZE your PROFIT with CrowdIF:

Step 1
Join CrowdIF Collective Intelligence Program (C-CIP)
You can join the CrowdIF-Collective Intelligence Program (C-CIP) with 100 dollars ($90 if you have the early sign-up bonus)
You will get 2 questionnaires per week and receive upto 4 dollars to answer each questionnaire!

Step 2
Refer More People to earn Referral Profit
Your referral link is Just share this link with as many people as possible. Use your social media, create videos and other online channels.
You will receive upto 10 USD for every person who joins C-CIP through your referral link and you receive this benefit upto 5 levels deep in your team!.

Step 3
Join CrowdIF Managed Portfolio Program (C-MPP)
You can start be a part of C-MPP with 250 dollars. CrowdIF will manage your portfolio on your behalf using its advanced SentimentScore technology.
You will start receiving daily portfolio profit and will receive upto 25% return on your investment every month!

Step 4
Earn Portfolio Referral Profit
The best way to earn this is again to share your referral link.
When anyone in your Layer-1 team starts a portfolio, you automatically start receiveing 25% of his C-MPP profit every day. It's that easy!

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