Immigration Is Now A Top Issue for Millennial Women
Skimm Studies

I’m absolutely baffled why Skim would only tell us what millennial women think; and I’m fully stunned to later read that this is only half your audience. I think you do a great job of not leaning right or left; this shows an understanding of why not to be a bigot; but then you go and be a bigot against men and non-millenials; 50% of your audience. I strongly recommend that you share with us a study of all your responses. However, simply noting that your audience is 50% mellenial woman is helpful. If you weren’t such a good news source, I would defenatnly unsubscribe over this. You just told me that my oppinion & views don’t count. Otherwise, I’m 100% in love with you, this article was well written/structured with great graphs and comparisons…

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