You mean that specific quote?
Jieren Chen

That specific quote the mostly, but most of the article really… I mean you’re showcasing you intellectual status by showcasing knowledge of those topics (in this case explaining experience as a manifestation of Hebbian plasticity), despite the fact that both the explained concepts and the ones introduced don’t do much towards the point of the article. (Going deeper, just saying that “X is Y manifest” explains nothing, it’s just a bunch of words like saying “‘color of the grass’ is ‘green’ manifest”, any real explanation for what experience is in relation to neural networks is a ton of complicated math that can’t be but into any words and not even scientists working in the relevant fields completely understand.)

The main idea of the article could just as well have been explained using much fewer and simpler concepts.

But then again, if the point is to make the readers feel smart and good about themselves being “intellectually sophisticated” enough to comprehend such things, hence increasing reader satisfaction, therefore “claps” and follows, you’re doing it right! I studied this article mostly because I want to develop these skills myself ;) …it’s becoming kind of a requirement in today’s “attention economy”.