I am the voice of life’s lost;
Buried in the busyness of everyday;
Trampled upon by hasty men;
Forgotten by all but myself

I am the oceans that flows on the face;
I am the cracking of the gnashing teeth;
I am the sweat that washes the pulse;
I am the sighing of the soul.

Cursed by choices I never made;
Doomed by the reality of the life I’ve got;
Homeless, faceless, peopleless and humanless;
I am the scorn bin of all.

I have no life to live though I breathe;
I have no dream so far;
Just a place to sleep and food to eat;
A cloth for warmth and a day to live.

Life is a burden too harsh to bear.
A tale of mystery and hate;
How soon must the death watch begin?
Farewell to the land of the living.


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