How to use Slack for Beginners

What is slack?

“ Slack is where work happens. It’s a digital workspace that powers your organization — all the pieces and the people — so you can get things done.”

How to use slack

Sign Up

Request an Invite from the Administrator of the team you are about to join, They would send you an Invite

Click the Join now button,

Enter a Username

Set a password,

Accept terms and co,

Please do not skip the tutorial!

So the Slackbot as the name implies is a bot that is there to help you, and its the default thing that appears on your screen (As at 14th July 2017 ), To the left we have the Group name ( Bells Dev Group) My username is jaiyeola_Bombata (i.e username is different from Full name ), Then we see All threads ( we will cover that in a min) then follows a list of channels


By Default you are placed in General, Intro and Random channel,

“#general channel. This channel is where everyone is. So it is where you give announcements directed to EVERYONE on a serious level. You make use of the @ symbol to mention people in order for them to receive notifications. If it’s an announcement you need everyone to hear, you can say @all and it works just fine.
Alternatively, you can use @everyone instead of all and it works just fine.
Similar to how twitter mentions are used.
Now, Please take note that the #general channel should be treated very seriously. (No jokes here and all that yada yada) there is another channel for that (The #random channel) which everyone is also a part of. If you want to crack jokes or send anything that is BC equivalent, that’s where you can it (NOT the #general channel). This is very important to help keep us well organized.
On joining, this slack page, you must have had an interest of some sorts. (Maybe Web development, Java, etc) They all have a dedicated channel for each. To the left, (click on channels and select what applies to you) 
In your dedicated channel, you and other members are expected to help each other grow. So share material and encourage one another. Believe me, learning is fun when it’s a journey you are exploring with people rather than when it’s forced on you. Don’t be shy to ASK QUESTIONS! We have a similar goal here.
ALL new members must join the #intros channel to give a brief introduction about themselves so we know where to place them.” _ steph balla

Direct Messages

Click Direct message and you can send someone a personal message, They are lots of mentors on the slack so make sure to ask them questions when your stuck.


Apps and Integrations make slack easier to use, see the description of the apps, If you have not heard of Github its basically used to store projects on the cloud and can help you when you have an error ( recall the last project without an error ) it stores different version of the same project, it can help compare codes and your other team mates can collaborate on a project with you ( see @menadio slack post on Command Line and Git ),

A thread

A Thread is like starting a topic under a particular message, if you want to reply that particular message same way as twitter,

Sign in

Enter the URL of the team e.g

Thats It!, Make Sure you keep yourself Signed in, Additionally you can download the app for both you computer and mobile phone.

You can also make slack posts and do tons of stuff on slack, i am sure you will figure it out yourself..

If you read This Post and still do not Understand how to use slack properly, or your stuck, Its perfectly normal be sure to send me a message, I would go over it… If you find anything that i did not cover or needs correction please leave it in the comment session.

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