Planning your wedding destination on a beach? As you’ve already thought outside of the pack about your venue, take it to the next level of processing about the overall style of your wedding too! Here’s how!

Design your bridal-wear light and breezy! The last thing you want to do is sweat walking down the corridor. Take a note from Kareena’s play book with this modern sari design that looks transparent but still gives a formal wedding aspect.
Your makeup should feel soft and some key ideas to think, when planning your look should be: glowing, fresh, fun…. NOT traditional! Your hairdo should match the overall tenderness of the event- you should look like a you a beachy waves type of girl?
Recently released Bajirao Mastani jewellery and the beach seriously don’t go together. Traditional jewels will look awkward and heavy, so opt for intricate pieces or skip the gold and platinum for floral jewellery to match the concept. People are getting very creative with their floral jewels lately!
The first thing comes to my mind when I picture a beach wedding, is the combination of sand and blue water. These are peaceful colours that can be stroked up with an accent like hot pink or lime orange or blur yellow.
Forget about the mandap and think about what encircles you… Water, flowers, greenery! A big golden mandap and elephants on the sand will look and sound overdone. There are several ways to add creativity to reflect the idea of one without actually using it!
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