Comey Felt “Mildly Nauseous” After Dooming Planet To Certain Annihilation
Allan Ishac

Alan I get your stuff on my list everyday and still skim it but find it totally unamusing and will give you 99.8% on consistently unamusing. Honestly it is not because of your unapologetic agenda and I can appreciate good satire and humor. You seem to be working off of an “Onion” spin off that works for the “Onion” because it is equal opportunity for its satirical content . This allows you to laugh at yourself and stop taking yourself and others so seriously.

I found the Paul Begala's “White Trash Rushmore” comment very amusing regardless of my politics. I would get a patent on the phrase immediately if I was him because it is going to be on a T Shirt and I am going to buy one. “Honestly people of my ilk cannot resist stereotyping ourselves”

I am only 5'5"and a half so maybe your humor is going right over my head but I doubt it. I can laugh at myself and I can laugh at Trump and I can laugh at liberals because we are all human. But I do not laugh at your posts.

If humor is a byproduct of human stress and the quality of the byproduct is in direct correlation to the perceived stress than you are obviously not feeling the burn. (no pun intended)

Maybe: One person’s (note gender neutral) satire/humor is another person’s … I don’t get it. I do not find it offensive just similar to a high school algebra teacher writing a complex problem on the board and telling students how cool it is… I understand the problem but still do not think it is cool. Could be that is your goal because the comments I see are not haha but just more echo chamber BS that show a total lack of humor.

Regardless please continue to write and I will continue to skim and maybe one day I will get this nuance of satire but currently I just find it sad and maybe that is it; I am not sad at all.

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