Republicans Are Increasingly Skeptical Of Higher Education. This Is Bad For All Of Us.
Ryan Huber

All my children received from 4 years of college was debt. I paid for them to go to a trade school so they could get a job to survive and they will be saddled with this enormous weight for decades.

In my opinion most people attend college without future employment in mind; kinda reminds me of a well educated Russian couple I met a few years ago that had zero life skills. He had a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was challenged to adjust a rear view mirror. She had some sort of liberal degree and could only recite classic poetry; opening MS Word was beyond her level of understanding. I once was having a pizza in Sarajevo and the waiter was a middle aged former chemistry professor who could not find work.

Note both of these situations are from former communist countries but the truth is: the most important person at the time depends on the situation “if your plumbing is leaking and flooding the house a degree in philosophy is not going to help with anything except moral support from a witty quote.

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