What made America great?
George Linzer

America is the most racially diverse nation that has ever been and will likely ever be. The mere fact that it has survived this long; let along thrived is amazing all in itself. There are currently 48 million foreign born people within America’s borders; more than the total population of Canada, Guatemala, and two states of Montana combined. Racial diversity is America’s strength and America’s weakness. I personally think President Obama exploited this weakness for political gain and the strategy was adopted by the Democratic party.

In as diverse of an environment as the US, it is not hard to spread discontent; divide and conquer put Americans in easily definable groups that can easily be exploited. Exploiting race just makes it easy to identify who is who and turn it into friend and foe.

If America; the great experiment that believed all people of all races can coexist together in one nation fails; history will put the blame squarely on the Democratic party and identify politics for exploiting the differences and not the commonalities that all humans. “E Pluribus Unum” is what made America great and President Trump knows this. Probably why he talks to people and not pundits.