Waking up Muslim on November 9th
Autumn Allen

Autumn a good read. Just so you know my background I have visited and lived in multiple Islamic countries; some considered to very progressive. In the more advanced and in some of that were ravaged by war

I have generally felt safe as long as I followed some very basic rules. I ensure I and whomever I am with dresses appropriately, I never discuss religion or advertise what my religion is and I am very polite and very aware of my body language.

If I had children with me I would not have not filled them with fear of the Islamic religion or Islamic authorities as I suspect you have done with your children. You seem to have an unnatural fear of Pick Up Trucks and authorities; this is not healthy for you or your children.

I would encourage you to talk to a law enforcement professional and someone who drives a pickup truck and you and your child could be surprised at just how human they are. Kinda what you describe is what I heard a few years ago about women instinctively hold their purse closer when approaching a black male. You are teaching your child or have taught your child to fear and you have given them visual cues to be afraid of.

As far as your intimidation chart goes I knew a red haired kid that grew up in a predominantly black school and he has related tales of daily harassment and intimidation. There is no place on your chart for white kids; I assume it just does not happen.

In closing no religion or race or mode of transportation should be labeled by you or anyone else as more capable of committing hate. There are evil people and there are good people in all religions and race and yes even people that drive pickup trucks. Get outta your echo chamber.

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