Surviving a Police Encounter
Christopher Keelty

Being white and a world traveler:

o I would avoid eye contact with any official encountered as it can be interpreted as a challenge. Most American police have training in micro expressions and anger or threatening behavior is usually expressed by a stare. 
Hey Chris why not add a warm smile to the eye contact and see if the police reaction is not changed. But hey go on the street corner and make long staring eye contact with anyone and see what the reaction is; if you do it enough you will probably ass kicked and have to call the police.

o Run away does not work anywhere.

o Chris I was recently confronted by the police in Kabul and I became passive very quickly. That is my universal response; I do not think race was a factor in my situation but you tend to think it is a factor in every situation.

o Play dead is just silly Chris but hey you are the expert.

o I understand your attempt at humor but you are not Chris Rock.

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