How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities
Christopher Keelty

Chris you seem to be very polite and it was my intent to write a lengthy reply but I found myself ranting.

Being white, from Appalachia,GED, worked for minimum wage for many years. on end and having watched my parents do the same, makes my perspective different from yours.

For example when you make a statement like “give your time and money” and you are addressing all fellow “white people” it tells me you are privileged and I suspect born into privilege and have the audacity to assume all white people are like you. Anyone who has ever worked a 60 hour week in a factory, mine or shop would not make that statement because there is no time and no money.

If I am wrong tell me; if you want to talk about poor people allright but your message and guilt are lost on me as long as it is attached to a racial demographic. I guess poor people the wrong color are not in vogue. Chirs keep you guilt and keep your tears.

And people wonder how we ended up with Trump……simply amazing