Ha, you wish, when two thirds of the public are calling for a full investigation, and even Trump’s…
Mateo D

Ha still believing the same news that told you that you were winning the presidential election huhh, Yesterday happy thoughts, unicorns and 23 million dollars could not win a Democratic seat in Georgia against a weak candidate. Was this election called a mandate on Trump … I think that is what the Democrats called it. Did they outspend the Republican candidate 7 to 1….think so. Did one party get an expensive participation trophy in a contest of two contestants? Think So.

I think there were other special elections yesterday; I wonder which party won.. “what no way”… “could my news be wrong again”? They told me no one liked Trump! If this were sports; one team would be 5–0 and another would be 0–5. Why do I keep listening to these guys they tell me we are going to win; damn it. We even had George Takei on our team… how did this happen…we can blame the Russians and claim a moral victory… yeah “ Karen Handel” sounds kind of European.. maybe Eastern European maybe she knows a Russian… yeah….

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