Does Life Have a Purpose?
Benjamin Sledge

“Hevanly Father grant me a steady hand to slay thine enemy. I most humbly pray we make it safely through this mission and are all are reunited with our family and our nation.”


And the Blackhawk’s turbines start to whine.

Yes life has a purpose; you are just living on such a high plain on the hierarchy of human needs that you have forgot what it was.

I am wedding and funeral religious but do say my prayers everyday. I have spent years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a civilian; probably broke bread with fella’s that have tried to kill me at one time or another. These guys that were once our enemies are now our friends (at least this week) and they have not got any purpose issues only the love of their bothers and families. They no what purpose is and they see it and thank Allah for it everyday.

You were once a short range planner and now you have a whole big life in front of you and it needs a purpose bigger than yourself.

Well it don’t the purpose is survival.

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