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Hey Jack I had lunch today with some people of the faith ( 5 Sunni and 2 Shia) and asked the question if “Jihad” was appropriate word to use to when speaking in a Western context. All agreed that is was not polite to use the word and it would equally disrespectful to use the word “Crusade” when speaking with Muslims. All agreed this would only be done by an uneducated or impolite person who did not understand that words have different meanings to different people.

I travel a lot in the Middle East and found some of the most polite people I have ever known; who truly care about people’s feelings and understand that words have different meaning in different cultures. I assume you do not possess the empathy to understand how this word would be considered offensive. We all really know the word was preplanned for a specific response by someone who is not polite or culturally sensitive for the sake of agenda.

It has always been apparent that you are on a holy war against Trump and I have broken my rule not to respond zealots who will go to any depths to hock a cheap t shirt.

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