I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

Hey Trump voter and supporter here… probably what you would call a typical Trump Voter: white, HS dropout from Southwest Virginia. Joined the Army and served for 21 years two wars and four presidents. I did pick up some education while in the Army and voted democratic most of my life.

Trump popularity has never been a mystery to me. He simply addressed the issues of a forgotten demographic.

Immigration: A lot of folks I know back home worked in construction trade and there is no question that excess labor has decreased the potential earnings of people employed in the industry.

I personally assisted two Afghan families in getting Special Immigration Visas (SIV). It took over a year and they lived in real danger; believe it or not. one is a staunch Trump supporter. Both families are Muslim and live in Northern Virginia and will make fine Americans.

Terrorism: This demographic is intensely patriotic as am I. It appeared to me the Republicans were very good at associating Democrats with flag burnings. Maybe sounds over simplified but I know which side I am on and it is not the one burning the American flag. Really seems like Democrats to distance themselves from the flag. Symbols are important.

Racism: noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior

Race is not really a big deal for most of the Trump voters that I know and I know more than a few. I assume the comeback would be that is because they are not a minority. True but a lot of them are poor. Democrats seem very good and changing the definition of words to suit who they wish to insult; often invoking WWII villains and such.

Guns: I think this lost the election for Hillary. She already had the “I hate guns vote” but they wanted her to commit and commit she did. She probably sold more guns than anyone except President Obama.

Jobs: I don’t know but I assume most of the televised addresses Hillary made were to an audience that Jobs were not highlighted. It seemed like Hillary’s handlers did not want her seen with that “grubby lot who shop at Walmart”. Seems like every time Trump spoke it was to the working class.

Environment: No one hates the environment. Environmental issues are just higher on the “hierarchy of human needs” that most Trump voters; hell most Americans live. Anytime I see someone who’s top issue is the Environment I can bet he is rich and educated. Poor people have to move this one down a bit. No one is going to win an election over the environment. Fix the economy first and environment next. Oh wait the sky is falling tomorrow I guess I just will not go to work.

LGBT: Trump probably had a stronger record for gay rights than Hillary the same cannot be said for Pence. Not really an issue at all with anyone I know.

I do not believe any of the issues that Trump is big on are his personal issues. the people that put him in office had these issues and right or wrong they are his issues now. Does that make Trump a racist nazi or a president that keeps his promises and is loyal to the people that put him in office.

Where we are now is:

I don’t like you, and you don’t like me
We don’t like each other, it’s plain to see
Cris Knight

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