Water for Dumpster Fires; perspective on white supremacist violence and solutions
Joshua Stein

Joshua your dumpster fire analogy should be compared to the very real out of control inferno that is going on in Chicago or other American major cities every day. Just digging up a few facts and in 2016 the homicides in Chicago past the total US deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq for the same time period. The total US deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2016 were 6888 and in Chicago 7916. There were only 650 homicides in Chicago in 2017 that is the “good news” story and you are going to talk about an expected 400 barely literate white people with Tiki torches who will show up in Charlottesville; with a 10 to 1 police presence and be shouted at by every equally hateful but slightly more literate group from the US and Canada. 
So just saying Joshua if actually stopping violence and saving lives was your true interest I suspect you would not be analyzing Kirstjen Nielsen’s press release but screaming from the top of the Sears Tower while wearing a bullet proof vest and trying to get back across that border as quick as possible. Screaming that people are dying and these people are mostly young black males.

I think we all know the reason your attentions are encouraging people to look at the smoldering dumpster that is being eclipsed by a much larger blaze. It is sheik and I don’t like Trump or my professor tells me what to think something along those lines as it sure ain’t a concern about the deaths of Americans.

Let’s talk about my first visit to Chicago around 1999 with a Chicago native who had lived in Cabrini Green before joining the Army. We did the tourist thing up and down Lakeshore Drive, Soldier’s Field and the Museum of Science and Industry.. oh and Oprha’s Zoe Trope studio. I asked why is Chicago supposed to be so bad and why is everyone white. We go to the South Side and the state of everything is totally out of contrast with the upscale urban center just 30 minutes away. There is a 8 lane major highway that is used as a barrier to some degree to reduce the north bound pedestrian traffic; kinda like a wall. Can you guess where the shootings are; not in the white part of town.

My point is the population of Chicago is segregated by race and income; black people are dying at an horrendous rate and nobody cares. The real dangerous racist are the people that support a very real segregation and are acceptant of body count that is almost entirely black and you are worried about 400 unemployed white guys that probably can’t afford a bed sheet. Honestly you go to college for this? I expect you are aware that this the Former President’s city and governed entirely by democrats.

So yes there is an elephant in your room and the elephant is on fire… lets ignore that real thing and go over and look at this dumpster. The real irony is I am sure there are people who are going to travel from Chicago to Charlottesville to see real white supremacist look like while never realizing that there are people back home that are 1000 times worse and 7916 times and counting more dangerous. Maybe Chicago natives can seek refugee status in Afghanistan… I think they meet the criteria.

Last thing I could not help but notice that you are from or going to University in Canada. Did you know that there are over 48 million foreign born people within the United States borders; I think the entire population of Canada is a little over 30 million. The United States is the most racially diverse nation that ever was and likely ever will be and it is does have problems but I find it amazing that it has survived at all. And as fucked up as we are 19.8 % of the worlds immigrant population come to America by choice and they are all races. Oh I am sorry we are supposed to be talking about the dumpster fire; my bad.

Oh Mark Facebook can fix this…honestly