Why Are Children and Grandchildren of Immigrants So Eager to Keep Immigrants Out?
Megan Smolenyak

Just taking a guess here but I would say you are educated and financially secure.

I have German/ Irish ancestry and from Southwest Virginia.

My current situation puts me with some personal finances but I am do not have a college degree and did not graduate high school. I was able to join the military and that is what really got out of a cycle of dead end jobs.

I still have friends that never made it out of the cycle and have seen declining opportunities in the construction trades due to an immigration driven labor pool. This resulted in declining wages and future financial advancement in virtually all of the trade industry. More low skilled worker= less pay.

Is it not natural to resent the obvious. I do not need a degree in finance to understand this. Sure America has benefitted from a cheap labor pool but a lot of Americans got left behind. Does the nation not owe anything to their citizens that have paid the taxes and fought their wars?

You are looking at this from the highest tier of the hierarchy of human needs and those of us on the bottom are wondering about getting shoes for our children. These people that you can’t understand are bearing the brunt of mass immigration. I consider 47 million mass.

If you are working poor you don’t have time to worry about your genealogy.