Apparently, You Can Still Cheat Your Way to a Win in Georgia
Alex Whitcomb

Maybe if you had let Stacey Abrams run her own campaign instead of pushing her on issues that no one in GA cares about and let her use her understanding of how diverse GA is she would have won and you would not be making excuses for the next election already.

This is a Georgia map of President Obama in 2008. Please note the pink and blues areas that are absent for Stacey Abrams. President Obama ran in Georgia as a moderate candidate as I suspect Stacey Abrams wanted to. You pushed a national agenda to get the backing and the endorsements and you lost the election for her.

Do Democrats not understand that everyone is not an urban college educated elite that supports every Climate Change LGBTQ cause in existence? Tell me honestly do we consider Climate Change and LGBTQ issues to get low income people to the polls. I am surprised you did not have her put she supports Palestine on her website.

Do Democrats understand it is the lack of diversity that is killing them and lost this election and the Presidential election the same way. Some Americans are always going to be pro 2nd Ammendment and pro life no matter how many times you say it is wrong; it is and always will be a core belief. You know Obama was a pro gun guy in 2008 right; if Hillary had just kept the anti gun thing out of the election she would have won. What you are blindly missing is those people of all races are citizens to and they vote and are going to vote more and more. Your message is not for them it is to them you are telling them what to think and what is important to you.

Let politicians know the need of their nation and not be force fed BS to get money and endorsements. Let them support the people that put them there through votes and not the people that gave them money and influence. If you want to know why Trump is President it is because of you and your lack of understanding at just how diverse America is.

“Vermont heart San Francisco Brain” you need to get out more because there is a whole nation in between that you know nothing about.