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Maybe in more genteel times this would be an earth shattering bold print,!front page news extravaganza with visions of Pulitzers dancing in their heads.

In 2017 this is more white font on white paper. The NY Times and CNN do not even disguise the mission statement “ harm Trump at all cost”. American news in general has given their credibility away and become a political parrot for the Democratic Party. They might as well perch on Nancy Pelosi’s shoulder and say “ Polly wanna something.”

The point that no one is getting is Donald Trump is the president; against odds that would make a reckless gambler hesitate; without the backing of his own party and much less money than the opponents. This guy is Godzilla and the nuclear option was played last August. People knew his faults than and they no his faults now and who cares; The NY Times and CNN.

Just like those nuclear tests made Godzilla; obvious agenda by the news media made Trump and will preserve him for a long long time.