Without starting an argument, I’d like to ask a question out of curiosity: do you now regret your…
Chris Crawford

No reason for an argument and a obviously legitimate question. The answer is no. There are two America’s and in my opinion the Democratic Party plays to young urban professionals. Trump had a message of jobs in manufacturing where regular Americans could make a living wage and believe it or not be proud again. Nothing sadder to me than watching a 40 something guy work at Subway or single mother of teenagers hustling for tips at a Waffle House. The jobs we gave away were these people’s livelihood. These people used to be the Democratic party’s base and no one had an answer for them before Trump who delivered 369,000 manufacturing jobs at 21 months in office or 10 times what what Obama delivered. These same people are the ones that pay the price for illegal immigration; unskilled and semiskilled wages go down while housing goes up. With 48 million foreign born people or 19.8% of the worlds immigrants living in the US; I definitely want strong border control as the Democratic Party said they wanted but never did anything but talk.

By the question I assume we live in different worlds. In my world which is pretty large I see more support than ever for a President who is delivering what he he said. The working poor are still poor but they have hope. If the Democrats want me back we are going to have to put climate change and LGBTQ issues on the back burner until we get some new shoes on our children’s feet.