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Obviously the President understands how to get elected President and obviously the governor of West Virginia knows how to get reelected. The President also understands that he needs to fulfill a campaign promise to change the ACA. This promise was made to the people who put him in office. And just one of the many bullets that Hillary dodged by losing the election is the fact that ACA is going to be far more expensive for those insured as it really just had the middle class paying for everyone else to the point it was no longer affordable. (link below)

Hey I know everyone hates Trump except the people that put him in coffice; I got that but this is the guy that boot stomped the most well oiled political machines in history and he did it under budget and without his own party or MSM support. If that is what you call a buffoon, idiot or whatever well your next candidate needs to lose a few IQ points if winning is what counts.

I think this is really the point you don’t hate Trump you hate the people that put him there and he is just a figurehead for that not the right color, uneducated, poor person who will not sit down and shut up when you tell them too. “ Hey shut up dumb have a job rural person, my not paid for college education is speaking.” “Hey Mr or Ms smart person my GED diabetic no health care having, rural ass that you ignored for too long has a vote.”

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