Standing up for America’s Principles
Aaron Levie

Should be “Standing up for the DNC and it’s agenda”. I didn’t see the highly principled disagreement with the Obama administration every time he put a “Hell Fire” up some poor Muslims home. Hey you know what maybe there were future refugees that were victims of all of those drone strikes; we will never know; maybe they could have been future Americans.

Where is the Obama’s responsibility for this refugee crisis? He left Iraq, funded the wrong guys in Syria because he was trying to put pressure on Iran (Assad’s Buddy) and destabilized Libya for the sake of regime change. Oh and Iran and Russia now have more influence in the entire area than the US.

So our former president made a mess of the entire region and everyone wants to leave. Understanding the best at brightest will leave (refugees); terrorist will remain; so the entire region is going to turn into a haven and the slaughter will continue for generations because Obama and Hillary wanted to play big boy and girl and really just got embarrassed by Putin. Who has been the most influential person in the world for the last four years. The list goes to 100 so I am sure Obama was in there somewhere.

And your short sighted solution to this mess is to donate to the ACLU. This is like “people are drowning so lets give money to the lawyers”.

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