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The real victories for the environment have not come from the environmental movement but are the byproduct of overpriced and insecure energy sources; resulting in capitalism driven technology that produces the products that has made fossil fuel a commodity of rapidly declining value.

I had this epiphany in 2009 in a remote village in Afghanistan; where a family had taken meager funds to buy a solar panel to charge a car battery which in turn charged the cell phone and ran a string of LEDs to light the home. It was practical and being green was not a consideration.

Ford announced it will produce over a dozen electric vehicles by 2020 with a 4.5 billion investment in new technology. Tesla and Mr. Musk really need no comment; except; Damn. This can go on and on but it is a global revolution.

I saw first hand how Obama’s weak play to capture the solar revolution in the US was thwarted by the Chinese desire to dominate the market and exploit trade agreements that destroyed the US green job revolution. In my home town a massive factory was built to employ 2000 American workers only to find out the product they were to manufacture had lost a quarter of its value in the two years it took to construct. They never opened.

My point being that if you really want to make the world a better place maybe some should go to school and get an education in something where you really understand global environmental changes and how they are affected and what drives real change. Maybe realizing that the reasons industries go to China or Mexico is to circumvent restrictive environmental regulations and they are going take their money with them and continue to pollute our environment. I am not going to bring up the TPP which would have been an environmental disaster for fishing and logging.

I have not looked at any of the Environmental Impact Statements concerning Standing Rock; I do understand the environmental impact of lodging, transporting thousands of protesters; sanitation is a very real concern and I am sure these people are not walking across the country to get there. The EPA should defiantly have concern about the waste control.

I think America and the world has become tone deaf to the environmentalist message that has always been tainted with agenda since conception. Speaking for myself the environmental message comes off somewhere between the urgency of a late night telemarketer hocking something you don’t need and the fake sincerity of a televangelist that wants your money; always insulting the intelligence of the audience. You wonder why people question climate change you have to look no further than other doomsday messages throughout history.

I speak from the perspective of someone who loves internal combustion fully knowing fossil fuel is in its death throes and gravestone has been ordered. It did not get put there by protesters at Standing Rock or elsewhere it was laid to rest by smart people doing smart things with finances to solve a problem.

What I see is we as a nation are on a boat that is sinking and one group is bailing water out to put in another boat; another group is blaming the leak on everyone but themselves and another group is building a new boat that will be marveled for 1000 years. To take the analogy one step further another group got a degree in climate change so they could come up with a model that no one but them understands on why people in the boat caused the hole.

Progress (noun) forward or onward movement towards a destination

Hey I hear Ronda Rousey is flying in with some food.. now that’s progress.

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