The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

You want the dogs but don’t want the fleas.

I was going on a fact based but you can’t counter BS with facts. I assume you know China is a socialist country or you are simply redefining the word socialist to fit your agenda. It appears socialist = utopia=unicorn and capitalist= Satan in your very narrow view but lets roll with it.

Satan has a plan to provide services and provides a profit incentive for individuals that take risk for the betterment of themselves and the byproduct is the delivery of services based on the want and the need; thus providing sustainable infrastructure and future innovation. The plan is often copied or mimicked by other Satan based organizations until the market is exhausted or the need is fulfilled.

Unicorn has a plan without personal risk or incentive beyond there is a need and unicorns have a big heart. The unicorn has no capital to assist in the fulfillment of the need so the Unicorn seeks capital from Satan. Satan gives the Unicorn capital from previous successful endeavors and the Unicorn spends it all on the need and ask for more. Satan says this is not sustainable and after all I am Satan. Unicorn’s heart is broken and the need goes unfulfilled.

Satan and the system Satan built is why we have the six empty houses even exist. Satan’s system provided the excess food that is wasted and will not rest until this is solved. (Satan does not like waste) Satan built the hospitals and gave us every drug from Aspirin to Zyrtec. I despise the pharmaceutical industry by the way but virtually every modern medical innovation I know of has come from Satan's disciples. Elon Musk which will lead us in to a new clean energy era. Without Satan the unicorn is impotent; could be why it is on the endangered species list . To put it simply you take the world that Satan with the excesses he has provided and condemn the method of which it is provided while typing away on an Apple. I guess Eve was not the only one that could not resist the temptation.

I will make a point about the 40% of food that is wasted. This is in large part due to the efficiency of Satan’s modern agriculture allowing for an abundance of cheap foods in the US. I am sure the Unicorn answer is someone do something. Well just a little research showed that Satan was busy on this as well as there is profit involved. Link to Satan disciples inovation:

Another point is this is food waste is a global problem due to the shortage of Satan’s innovations like refrigeration. ( Yes refrigeration was was pioneered by Satan and his ilk) for profit no doubt. Cheap refrigeration abounds in the states and people waste food because they can and it is cheap. Maybe we should put a lot of tax on food in the US so people will waste less and than we can send more food to places where that do not have refrigerators.

Cuba is obviously socialist and has many doctors that are paid less than $300.00 monthly. When the restrictions are lifted the Cuban doctors will be in Miami giving boob jobs to rich white women faster than you can say Adios Fidel. Satan can tempt the faithful.

Well Unicorn I am sure you don’t know where to start I can add that to the list. The kids are not socialist they are just naive and just kids (your description not mine)they will grow up and realize the Unicorn is just a horny horse with a long tale. (pun intended) Maybe even get an Apple.

The wasted years, the wasted youth,The pretty lies, the ugly truth
(Marina and the Diamonds ,Teen Idle)
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