The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

Your first world oppression experience at “Chipoltes” really just shows you need to get out more. I guess I have been looking at it all wrong and I should worry about some rude person upsetting my dining experience while waiting on a Burrito Bowl. What the hell was I thinking there are rude people white people out there; I guess the children in Syria being asphyxiated by nerve agents and famine threatening 20 million in Africa all should take the back seat to those that make other feel uncomfortable due to a false since of entitlement. There are rude racist people of all colors and religions in this world who consider it a birthright hurt others and will take everything you have if you will let them. I do not think this should be a revelation to anyone that no longer believes in Santa Clause. Maybe we should watch “The Lion King” again and have a cuddle.

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