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Leonardo da Vinci’s resume, distraction as an ‘obesity for the mind,’ Einstein’s celebrity, and more!

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Leonardo da Vinci’s resume

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Romeo Texts Juliet

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The Business of Communication

Marketing is the act of storytelling and creating emotion. Good stories tug at the heart and deliver “information into someone’s else’s head.” In short: “Stories are emotion delivery…

Instagram’s Incrementalism

Instagram’s growth strategy is clear: build products out of the trends in its own network. Almost a year ago, Instagram introduced Hyperlapse. Last week, it…

Walking the World, Architectural Renderings, Smiling Fascism, Massimo Vignelli, and Music Globalization

Below are some of my favorite reads and beats from this week.

Slow Journalism

The Proclaimers got it wrong. American journalist Paul Salopek walks way more than 500 miles. In this interview, Salppek talks about his 7-year trek around the…

Moonshots, Business Cards, Music Therapy, Dieter Rams, and Medium’s Typography

Apologies for skipping the newsletter last week. I was in Austin for SXSW listening to Malcolm Gladwell talk about his “hobby horses.”

One Giant Leap

A moonshot is “10 times better rather than incremental.” The point of a moonshots isn’t always to achieve them but to…

Standalone Cameras, Karl Lagerfeld, Billboard Charts, Digital Dualism, and Digital Rights

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Camera One, Camera Two

I bought a standalone camera for my trip to India and just as quickly returned it because of my iPhone 6. It turns a out a lot of other people alsoprefer to use their Smartphone as…

Sleepyheads, Blank Screens, Liberal Arts Majors, Misophoniacs, and Weird Science

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Embrace Your Chronotype

They say that you should do your most important work in the morning, but studies

When No One’s Looking…

What do you chase? What do you worry about? What do you do for others?

It’s not surprising that when people know they’re under the microscope they…