Best Place to Start A Business in NYC

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New York is the center of UN — United Nations and that explains why various conferences are held there. Many people come to NYC for vacation, some come for business trips. For business owners, it is good to take time off your busy schedule to explore some important places where you can set up a business in New York.

This article features four places to start a business in NYC.

1. New Jersey

New Jersey boasts an extensive network of expressways and parkways. This includes four primary Interstate Highways that enters the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region. More so, the airport authority owns and runs the four major airports in the New York City including Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

Taxis are licensed by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission before being operated by private companies. Other than taxicabs, New York City has a mass travel system. Public transport is the common means of transportation for the majority of the NYC residents compared to other America’s car-oriented urban areas. This makes New Jersey one of the best places to establish transportation business.

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2. Chelsea, Manhattan

The Chelsea Piers has numerous recreational facilities that offer bowling, rock climbing, bowling, golfing, etc. for everyone. It’s a place where children can partake in sports programs including baseball, soccer, and gymnastics. Fitness centers, rollerblade down the down the Hudson River Esplanade, suit yourself at the deluxe spa are fun-filled opportunities that are endless, making it a good business destination.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most popular spot for hikers and cruisers. It is a place where honeymooners get to relax and have a great time of their life.

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4. Albany

Albany is the capital Region of upstate New York. It’s full of shopping, side trips, and history amongst others. Saratoga Springs is a renowned spot for history, as well as horse racing. This state park contains some of the old spa and buildings that made Saratoga Springs acclaimed as a town where you could go to revive your health.

You’ll also find the Empire State Plaza is connected to the New York State Museum by the Grand Concourse. This spot houses many shops as well as state offices. It is also the destination for the Egg, a field where concerts and other performing arts are organized.


There are numerous testimonies of many business owners and freelancers that have enjoyed working in inspiring, friendly, and fun environments in office spaces across NYC. This has encouraged businesses working at office spaces to become more productive and innovative and productive.