Intro: Why choose BomiSakura?

This my very first time to manage a blog again since when i was in my elementary school.

Thanks to my lecturer so that i am able to write such a blog again. Despite the fact that i might do this just because she tells me (her student) to do so, it does not mean that i not enjoying this :)

So, let me introduce myself first. My name is Saputri Nastiti and i’m soon-to-be 20 y.o. I am just an ordinary person who loves to discover new things kkkk. I think much about what web should i use to manage to start a blog. I’ve tried writing in wordpress and blogger before and i kinda like to start with a new thing and here it goes! attracts me the most with tumblr but, i decide to go with medium. It simple yet fresh i think :)

Sakura (Cherry Blossom in English)

Ah, i almost forget what my main reason to write this; why my username is BomiSakura. Bomi means Spring in Korean and Sakura is a name of flower in Japanese. I like both word because my favorite season is spring and sakura is just so beautiful. Since it’s near spring season and sakura will bloom in spring, i end up choose the username :)

I think that’s all for my not-so-important introduction kkkkk

I hope i could write various thing from now on.



PS: You can call me Riri :D