To the You who I Love

To the beautiful of you...
You are the most aesthetic creation in this world
To the clumsy side of you...
You are the stupidest yet cutest human-like-doll ever
To the absurd side of you...
You are so annoying! But, i can't just let you pout your mouth everytime we fight
To the dark-blue side of you...
Why do you always make me worry? The scariest feeling in this world is when i see your shrunken eyes got darken
I exactly know that it is not because you lack of sleep but, the shining light in your eyes is not happy

To the 'You' who i always adore...
I know that keeping a happy face is a real struggle 
I know that you've been making a fake face
I know that you carried tons of burden things
I know that you've been struggling alone
I know that i am just unuseful person who gives you headache so often
I do know for sure that the moment when you smile from the heart most is when you're with me
I know that we are meant to be together
I know that i, even if it takes alot of time, will make you proud someday
I'll shout your name and say loudly "Mom, I did it! I did it! Do you see me?"
I might not able to make you rest for not thinking whether i'll be okay or not, do i run the things right outside, etc
But, let me tell you the reason why i always act like a kid in front of you is
It is because i have no place to do so other than in front of you

Sincerely, I always thanks and sorry
Please, be happy always...
Because your sparkling eyes always give me good energy to start my day ^^

My Star, My Muse :)))