Looking for the One: How I Went on 150 Dates in 4 Months
Sebastian Stadil

“Good luck.” “Good luck.” “Good luck.” “Good luck.” That’s how you say goodbye in the world of online dating. Because when you treat love like a numbers game, it’s gambling. Just keep playing until you win. Or cheat. That might work, too.

I doubt it does. Love isn’t the lottery. It’s something that happens inside of yourself. It’s a choice you make to care about a person, the whole person, every day. Not the polished package that comes closest to resembling your ideal image, and not only when it comes easily.

That’s about both people choosing to let go of their fantasies and to do the work of living in reality. It’s about being strong enough and patient enough to be there. That’s not about luck. That’s about being human to each other.

Rolling a pair of dice will only get you a number between two and twelve. It will never come up songs and smiles no matter how many times you make a throw. But good luck with that.