A Look at the Success of Our First Vendor: BIDK Home

Originally published December 20, 2016

BIDK Home CEO Sebastian Barreveld (left) and Bonagora co-founder Goran Buvac (right).

Formed as the result of a merge between renowned brands Barreveld International and DK Living Inc, BIDK Home has over 25 years of collective market experience. However, even with all of this experience — the company still struggled to find a unified platform that served their wholesale needs.

When Bonagora was introduced to the market in 2014 as a comprehensive B2B commerce tool, BIDK Home was the first to jump onboard. Sebastian Barreveld, CEO of BIDK Home, explains why they joined Bonagora and how tools, such as the Point of Sale and Back Office, enhanced their selling experience:

“Bonagora arrived at the right moment when our business was looking for solutions to multiple business bottle-necks. We were not quite working on paper, but our various systems were outdated, inefficient, and annoyingly siloed.

First, Bonagora provided a compact and intuitive POS system that our showroom and remote reps learned and used with minimal training. We have had multiple ordering systems, but Bonagora’s easy interface and industry-specific features make it far superior to any other that I have seen.

This POS system, in turn, linked in real time to the Bonagora Back Office feature, allowing our central office to see and manage orders coming in from trade shows in real time. This was a tremendous logistical and customer service efficiency in terms of clearing orders and addressing issues as they arose. Prior to this system, this would happen en masse in the weeks following a trade show.”

Show after show, BIDK Home faced continual success while easing their order writing process and began speaking to our experts about further opportunities to expand their business. In July 2016, the company made a striking decision: to start using Bonagora as their primary wholesale webshop to handle their B2B commerce. Today, the BIDK Home showroom on the Bonagora Marketplace offers over 6,500 active products and their sales have increased by 45% in just four months.

While having a large digital catalog certainly works in their favor, Barreveld has a different theory behind their success on the Marketplace:

“The most interesting aspect of Bonagora for our business — and the area in which we hope to see continued growth — is the Marketplace. Because of the diversity of vendors on the site, we daily receive inquiries from new customers that wouldn’t have otherwise found us. In this way, Bonagora broadened not only our main customer base, but opened new sales channels into both new industries (catering, interior design, etc.), and new geographies (Europe, Caribbean, etc.).

Lastly — I would like to add that Bonagora’s Service and Support is above and beyond what is expected. Both on-site and on the phone/chat, someone is always there with a technical answer or customized solution to sales problem. I know that our entire team has only overwhelmingly positive feedback in this regard.”

Pictured above: BIDK Home showroom sales on Bonagora from July 2016 to present.

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