An Interview with Palak Aggarwal of Emporio Arts

Originally published August 23, 2016

Palak Aggarwal pictured right with partner Akshat Aggarwal. Photo courtesy of Emporio Arts.

Run by partners Akshat and Palak Aggarwal, Emporio Arts is a specialist company focused on contemporary Moroccan-style lighting and handicrafts. Products from Emporio Arts are handmade and range from traditional table lamps to etched star pendant lights. While they are headquartered in the UK, production is done entirely in house at their factory in Moradabad, India.

Before they head to the Autumn Fair in Birmingham, we caught up with Palak and discussed Emporio Arts’ very first line, Bonagora’s role in expanding their business and the new collections coming this fall.

Why Moroccan-style lighting?
Moroccan style is a new trend in decoration which takes its roots from Moorish architecture. This design is already very popular in the Middle Eastern countries and it is now gaining popularity in European countries, such as the UK and Germany.

These lights are made by a unique handmade technique. The base metal primarily used is iron, offering a variety of finishes like nickel polish and various powder coating finishes. Marrakesh lighting not only lifts up the ambience of a room but also the mood by its soothing effect. Moroccan lights both catch the eye and illuminate the darker areas of your home.

How did your first collection come about? 
Our first collection came about in 2009 when the Moroccan architecture had just begun its journey. The products were first launched in an exhibition in Frankfurt. The feedback we got from the customers over there was quite motivating and positive. The feedback inculcated us to continue with the new line of products.

Is every piece entirely handmade? 
Yes, every piece is entirely handmade crafted uniquely by our craftsmen in India. Each product is unique in its own design, shape and cut as it’s handmade.

What is the relationship like between your headquarters in the UK and your factory in India?
The headquarter in India is the main manufacturing unit catering to the production, packaging and sales worldwide. Whereas our UK office is predominately looking after the retail side of business and the focus more is on UK or European Union retails sales. The UK office also looks after the procurement side of things.

Which products are your most popular? 
Our most popular collection is the mesh collection which was first launched in 2011 and is still a successful collection for us.

How is the Bonagora Home and Living Wholesale Marketplace aligned with your business model and processes? 
Bonagora has been a great platform for us in opening windows for retail businesses in countries that were a dream yet to come true. We have had loads of showroom requests from the USA. Our product is being acknowledged on an international platform. The products have been successful in putting its foot through the European and American wholesalers.

What can we expect from Emporio Arts at the Autumn Fair? Any new collections underway?
Emporio Arts will be showcasing its brand new Silver and Christmas Collection in the autumn. The customers will get a chance to experience a whole new Christmas and Moroccan world.

Visit the Emporio Arts Bonagora showroom to browse their full range of contemporary Moroccan-style lighting and handicrafts.

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