Announcing Open Showrooms

Originally published December 7, 2016

Screenshot above taken from the Charrell Bonagora showroom.

Together with our vendors, we’re proud to introduce Open Showrooms. This new format allows professional buyers to browse products from vendors on the Bonagora Home and Living Wholesale Marketplace before requesting access. Let’s walk through what this means.

For Professional Buyers
Open Showrooms enable you to view product images and detailed information from our wholesale vendors before requesting access. Picture this like a showroom at a trade show. You can walk in, peruse a bit, examine the items — without giving away your information or committing to a purchase.

If you are new to a showroom and would like to view the prices or place an order, you will still need to request access. This also applies to adding a product to your cart, a collection or your favorites list.

For Vendors
Implementing an Open Showroom increases your products’ visibility while simultaneously improving the discovery process for potential buyers. An Open Showroom also encourages new customers to explore your collection. Don’t worry you’re not giving everything away — to see prices or place an order, new customers will still need to request access from you.

All showrooms are open by default, however, each vendor can decide whether to keep their showroom open or not. If a vendor chooses to opt out, their showroom will remain “closed” and stay in the traditional format where a buyer must request access to view their products.

For vendors who would like to close their showroom or trigger automatic showroom approvals, this can be done in the Back Office.

Open Showrooms are live now on the Marketplace! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and further improving your experience on Bonagora.

Happy browsing!