Bonagora is closing

Announced February 2017

After three years of development, the Bonagora platform and our company is ceasing operations.
Informing you about this now is far from easy. Our team fought up until the very last minute to secure funding because we still believe in what we’ve built and have confidence that this is the direction the industry is moving. We have explored every possible opportunity to keep the platform running in order to not let you and the rest of our community down. We always knew that digitizing an entire industry was ambitious, but Bonagora was founded on the concept of revolution, of ushering in a new future for the home and living industry.
Our co-founder Goran Buvac weighs in: “I’m very proud of what we built alongside our community. Our vision was to become the digital centerpiece of this industry and we trust that technology will play an important role in advancing home and living wholesale.”

We send our deepest gratitude to all of our retailers and designers who brought the Marketplace to life, our wholesale partners who took a chance on a new way to do business, as well as various local partners whose passion ensured the development of digitization in the industry. None of what we accomplished would have been possible without your support.
While this was a heartbreaking decision, we hope that the work we’ve done together has helped your business grow. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing how our vision of digitization continues to shape the future of the industry.
Thank you for standing with us and being a part of Bonagora.