Exciting New Partnership with MyRegistry.com

Originally published October 3, 2016

Launched earlier this week, Bonagora and MyRegistry.com have teamed up to offer Bonagora users the opportunity to tap into the lucrative gift market and add a gift registry service as a new way to drive growth and capture more customers. As part of this new partnership, Bonagora users who sign up for the MyRegistry software will receive an exclusive discount off their first full year of service, plus personalized help with the onboarding process.

MyRegistry.com is the largest provider of universal gift registry services and utilized by hundreds of retailers worldwide — ranging from single store or online-only businesses to chains with hundreds of stores — all of whom choose to give their customers the convenience of using a gift registry service that can be accessed both in the retailer’s locations as well as on MyRegistry.com. These partners include Costco, Shopko, Ethan Allen, Jonathan Adler and many more. Other major stores with long established internal gift registry services such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Pottery Barn also partner to allow their customers to share their registries on MyRegistry.com.

Here at Bonagora, we’re constantly searching for new ways to support our users and help them grow their business. That’s why we have decided to partner with MyRegistry — the benefits are clear.

Build your business
Tapping into the $35 billion gift market is a great opportunity for you to access a new revenue stream, acquire new customers and generate profitable sales with low returns. You’ll even have access to analytics and reporting about customer activity to use in future marketing efforts to optimize your business. Creating strong relationships with these customers can generate ongoing sales worth more than 10 times the value of the initial registry purchase.

Gain a competitive advantage
Today’s consumer has embraced the use of gift registries for all sorts of life celebrations, beyond just weddings and the arrival of new babies. These events include graduations, housewarmings, birthdays, holidays and more. Registries are popular because they directly address consumer desire to make it easy and stress-free to give or receive the gifts they want. Customers will appreciate that you support their desire for convenient shopping.

Offer a gift registry powered by MyRegistry.com
MyRegistry provides you with a beautifully designed registry service that you can customize. Their web-based software solution is scalable for any business size and can grow with you. The service is quick-to-market with minimal investment. And our partnership with MyRegistry means that you are also able to receive assistance every step of the way. However, MyRegistry makes the process so simple, we promise you’ll hardly need it.

Maximize your opportunity with their universal platform
When someone creates a gift list through your store, it will also display on MyRegistry.com — giving your business and products global exposure that drives more sales and new customer acquisition. This convenient, universal platform makes it easy for registrants to manage their lists and for purchasers to shop.

Interested? Get started with MyRegistry or contact us at info@bonagora.com for more details about this opportunity.

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