How Couleur Nature Doubled B2B Sales in Just 6 Months

Originally published December 13, 2016

Couleur Nature & Caravan showroom sales on Bonagora from January 2016 to present.

Handwritten orders, slow processing times and relentless stacks of paper — this is the reality for hundreds of wholesalers across the world, including California-based linen brand Couleur Nature.

“Before Bonagora, we were hand writing orders at trade shows and trying to manage a wholesale and retail website on one eCommerce platform,” said Keillan Mullin, Couleur Nature’s senior account executive. The brand was struggling and in need of an all-encompassing B2B commerce tool.

In July 2015, they decided to join Bonagora and quickly discovered the benefits of having just one integrated platform to streamline order processing. It didn’t take long before Couleur Nature opted to also use the Bonagora Point of Sale (POS) solution during trade shows to write orders on the spot and sync all of that data to their Back Office.

“The Bonagora platform is extremely user-friendly, both POS and website backend. The POS system has made it so the office can begin entering sales orders while we are still working the show,” Mullin explained. “So much more efficient than waiting a week before order processing can begin.”

Less than one year after their onboarding, Couleur Nature started using Bonagora as their primary wholesale webshop to handle their B2B commerce. The transition included their other brand Caravan, which offers kitchenware, home accessories and vintage linens. Today, the Couleur Nature & Caravan showroom on Bonagora contains over 980 available products. This grants customers real-time access to their entire product collection, all while delivering a unique buying experience that is intuitive and straightforward.

Within six months, the number of orders received by Couleur Nature doubled. According to Mullin, the success of their transition directly relates to how user-centric the Bonagora platform is.

“Having Bonagora as our wholesale website has cut down on a great deal of confusion our wholesale customers were having before when the sites were one,” said Mullin. He later added: “I think that it’s important for our customers to be able to have access to ordering at all times. With Bonagora, they can place orders whenever they want and always have a helpful team member to answer any questions along the way.”

This post is part of a new series highlighting our vendors who have transitioned their B2B wholesale webshop to Bonagora. Next week, we’ll take a look at our very first partner — BIDK Home.

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