How to Buy & Sell Mid-Century Styled Furniture

Originally published February 3, 2016

Image above via Emporium Home

Mid-Century style furniture is having a comeback in households like never before. Once solely reserved for the design world and risqué designers, ‘Mid-Century Modern’ has become a huge player in the mainstream market.

Take a look at our three key points for a crash course in Mid-Century Styled furniture.

1. Know the common styles of Mid-Century modern furniture. Curved bases, continuous lines and backs of chairs with a trademark slant. The characteristics of Mid- Century Modern furniture has a very distinct look and can be broken down into the categories below:

Colors: It was time to brighten things up. Colors from this era are made up of vivid blues, yellows, reds, greens and often paired with a white or black. It was a time the world was looking forward rather than the past, so color palettes were happy and vibrant.

Shape: Perhaps the biggest feature for Mid-Century Modern furniture are the clean, crisp lines. The basis of shape and silhouette for Mid-Century was greatly made up of geometric shapes. This was another emphasised trend of the era along with modernism and simplicity.

2. Learn the names of prominent designers from the Mid-Century era. Knowing the names of designers from the Mid-Century is paramount to also understand the style. Furniture designers as well as factories were big in the 1950’s and became household names due to the trend of naming particular styles after themselves. Just take Knoll, Wegner, Jacobsen and Eames for example.

3. Understand the story behind Mid-Century styled furniture. Mid-Century Modern design emerged as a contrast to the grandeur, traditional styles of 20th century furniture. Designers looked to minimalism and clean design, a representation of the time as well after war. Additionally the materials used were also new. This was the first time plastics were being incorporated into manufacturing after being developed by the military during World War II.

It’s this simplicity and use of further modern materials like plywood, fibreglass and chrome that has made Mid-Century furniture so easy to reproduce and manufacture today.

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