Introducing Our Category and Style Filters

Originally published June 29, 2016

Imagine you’re at a trade show. You have your wish list: Brass light fixtures and a tapestry worthy of a country cabin. In theory, this is an easy task, but now you have to rummage through showroom after showroom to maybe, possibly find what you’re looking for. You spend countless hours searching but by the end of the show you walk away empty-handed, feeling lost and defeated.

Enter Bonagora.

We’re proud to present our new category and style filters. Launched earlier this week, these filters offer a more comprehensive view of what is available throughout the entire marketplace. That way, you’re able to save time and discover more products.

Want to see which of our brands offer garden and outdoor furniture? Need a Scandinavian rug for your next design project? Simply log in to the Bonagora Marketplace, check off your category and style preferences using the tabs in the top bar then instantly request access to a selection of brands that fit your needs. No more aimless scrolling, no more confusion about what kind of products a brand provides — just fast, easy product sourcing.

Sort by Categories
Along with furniture, lighting and other traditional classifications — our category filter goes even further into intricacies, including candles, fragrances and holiday decor. You can also browse by lifestyle preferences, such as eco-friendly manufacturing, or discover the latest brands we’ve added to our platform with the “New Vendors” option.

Search by Styles
From contemporary and modern to industrial or mid-century, our brands represent a wide range of product styles and eras. Whether you’re more shabby chic, coastal or glamour — we guarantee you’ll find a number of global brands that fit your style.

This is just the first step. We will soon be releasing additional filters, such as price range, so keep an eye out for those as well. Until then, enjoy the leisure of filtered searching on the Bonagora Marketplace and don’t forget to request access to the showrooms that match your preferences.

The Bonagora Home and Living Wholesale Marketplace platform is evolving and improving constantly. Keep visiting this section to discover the latest innovations at Bonagora’s platform.