On-Trend Wall Decor Vendors

Originally published November 9, 2016

Image above via Mitchell Black.

Whether you’re in the mood for a subtle touch of nature or a full geometric covering, wall decor is easier to find than ever on the Bonagora Marketplace. To honor this category’s growing traction, we’re highlighting three vendors whose products blend emerging design trends with classic concepts.

Mitchell Black

The Mitchell Black design group is comprised of artists, designers and lifestyle enthusiasts dedicated to vintage-inspired decor. They offer a variety of printed and framed wall art, as well as patterned wallpaper.

From: Chicago, IL, USA
Founded: 2012
Style(s): Contemporary, Vintage
What Makes Them Unique: All of Mitchell Black’s production is done locally, ensuring that every item in made in the United States.


Focusing mainly on specialized wall clocks, Ardeola designs and manufactures contemporary home decor items. They add intrigue to their work by applying minimalist elements in either an organic or geometric arrangement.

From: Budapest, Hungary
Founded: 2014
Style(s): Contemporary
What Makes Them Unique: Ardeola’s entire design process begins on a computer. From there, the top designs are carefully constructed by hand or using innovative practices, such as laser cutting.


An expert in wall decoration, Walplus provides a vast range of imaginative stickers that can be used to liven up any room. Maps, full-wall word searches and mosaic tile patterns are just a few of the designs available in their showroom.

From: London, United Kingdom
Founded: 2011
Style(s): Contemporary, Vintage
What Makes Them Unique: Walplus developed their own removable adhesive to eliminate the hassle experienced with traditional wallpaper. So when you want to remove or change one of their wall stickers, all you have to do is peel it off.

Looking for more wholesale vendors that can help brighten your walls? The Bonagora Marketplace makes it easy with our search filters. Just select Wall Decor in the Categories tab.