Your Guide to Office Decor

Originally published November 14, 2016

Image above via the Enrico Zanolla showroom.

Whether you run your business from a 500 square foot loft or a small home office — incorporating decor can help bring any workspace to life. But there’s no denying that office decor is tricky. An office must create an atmosphere that fits the company’s personality, adhere to a sense of professionalism and make guests feel welcome. On top of that, there are many facets of design — size, color, texture and more — to consider.

If your head is already spinning, don’t give up just yet. We’ve put together a list of tips to help turn this decorating challenge into something manageable and even fun.

Develop a Solid First Impression
First impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to an office decoration. To attain that shining first impression that your business deserves, start by focusing on what experts call the ‘visual walls.’ These are the first walls that a person sees when they enter a room and should showcase your best. Abstract paintings work particularly well to stimulate the space and give it a modern feel. If you have a slightly higher budget, mount a touch-screen and use it to display date and time, weather or other relevant statistics for your industry.

Bring the Outdoors In
There’s no denying that nature is having a moment in design, but including organic elements into your office also has other benefits beyond the trend. Several studies suggest that natural elements help workers feel calmer and more productive. Achieve this by selecting furniture and decor made from reclaimed materials, such as wood panels, exposed concrete or recycled glass. Or just purchase plants in the form of vertical wall systems, like the one below from Gold Leaf Design.

Establish an Open Environment
Cubicles are disappearing and being replaced with tables and seating that inspire interaction. For centuries, community tables have been a symbol for alliance and now they are finding a place in the modern office. Think oval-shaped desks, which allow for more convenient and relaxed meetings, or benches as opposed to traditional, individual seating options.

Pops of Color
Color is known to boost happiness and creativity. If you’re unsure about where to begin, reflect on this — company style and color go hand-in-hand when decorating an office. Start with a neutral base and then compliment that with pops of color in accessories using shades from your business’ logo or fit the company environment. An easy, cohesive way to add a bit of color is through vamping up your office chairs. Bonagora vendors like Zuo Modern and Premier Housewares offer a wide variety.

Don’t Neglect Other Senses
Yes, making your office look nice is pivotal — but don’t forget there are other senses that can set the tone of an atmosphere. Changing how your office smells, for instance, can make the environment much more pleasant at a very low cost. Diffusers from Lothantique are a low maintenance option and come in a range of gentle, herbal scents.

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