Meet Samuel Ronan, Progressive Candidate for Ohio’s 1st District

The Democratic Party is in disarray as they have lost over 1,000 seats nationwide in the past eight years and are now in court for rigging their primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. Most Democrats are busy ignoring their problems and focusing on the Russiagate witch-hunt, complaining about Trumpcare while not proposing alternatives, and saying that they “don’t need a new direction”. Let me introduce you to Samuel Ronan, a 27 year old United States Air Force Veteran who is taking the party by storm and pushing for massive reforms from a grassroots level. Ronan, a former candidate for the DNC chair, is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District against Republican Incumbent Steve Chabot, and his likely victory will send shock-waves through both major parties.

Immigrant, Veteran, Leader

Sam was born on November 22, 1989 in Germany as his father was deployed overseas with the U.S. Army and married his mother who was a local dental assistant. After moving throughout the United States, his family moved to Lancaster, Ohio in 1995 when he was six years old, which is where he would spend the rest of his childhood and make numerous accomplishments. To name a few, he scored Suma Cum Lauda on the National Latin Exam in 9th Grade, spent his senior year as a student ambassador to Rosenheim, Germany, and graduated with honors from his local high school. During this time he also learned the values of hard work, integrity, and leadership, building the moral foundation he would need to succeed later in life.

After high school, Ronan enrolled at Wright State University to study Computer Science, but due to economic hardship onset by the 2008 financial crisis, he was forced to pursue a different angle by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. He began his active duty military career in November of 2009 with the dedication to serve his country and his colleagues. His service would continue for five and a half years, during which he would earn his Associates degree in Applied Sciences through the Community College of the Air Force. During his time, he rose through the ranks quickly earning an early promotion through the “Below the Zone” program and by streamlining distribution at the “New Work Center”. He would serve on the Base Honor Guard during his deployment at Little Rock Air Force Base in Little Rock, Arkansas where he oversaw numerous funerals and ceremonies, and was then selected to MC a prestigious military awards banquet where he earned the respect and admiration of numerous high-ranking officials in attendance. Sam went on to accomplish several other feats before he transitioned to the reserves to pursue a political career in 2013 after seeing the devastating effects of corruption and greed throughout the country.

People First, Politics Second

Sam had a relatively quiet beginning to his political career as he became active in the Ohio Democratic Party and established the “Average Joe’s Initiative” with the mission of making politics more accessible to the average person by providing information on each candidate in local races. After two years of involvement, he was recommended to run for Ohio’s 62nd State Representative position in 2016. His campaign focused on the issues of his potential constituents and emphasized putting the people ahead of partisan politics. As the Democrats poured all of their resources into Hillary’s failed presidential campaign, Sam received zero funding and still fought tooth and nail to earn 13,184 votes (20%) in a heavily Republican district.

Unwavering from this setback, Ronan entered the race for the Democratic National Committee Chairman position to fill the void left by the resignation of the dishonorable Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He faced a crowded field full of party insiders and well-groomed politicians, yet he still made his voice loud and clear. Ronan made headlines in progressive circles throughout the country when he made it loud and clear that the Democrats not only rigged the primaries, but stripped the people of their voice in favor of wealthy donors and celebrities.

While he was lavished with support from progressives, independents, and anybody with a respect for the basic principles of Democracy, he did not receive a single vote in favor of establishment pick Tom Perez and establishment-lite pick Keith Ellison. Ronan continually has called out the hypocrisy of the Democrats who have made claims such as “developing a 50-State Strategy” and “reconnecting with Rural Americans” while in reality they continue to ignore the issues facing everyday Americans, make snarky comments about Trump, and tell their disenfranchised members to “buck up”. Knowing he did not have much of a chance competing for a position in a party that voted to continue to allow funding from lobbyists did not deter Sam, he took an opportunity to take real action and ran with it.

“Even if [admitting the primaries were rigged] were not ‘political suicide’, I don’t think [the members of the DNC] would do it. I don’t think they’re strong enough as leaders of what we need that they would be willing to take that risk”
- Samuel Ronan

With a newfound support base of progressives from across the country, Sam remodeled his “Average Joe’s Initiative” to the “Our Voice Initiative” with a similar message and has been holding events and fundraisers to promote his message and other local candidates. He has new hopes of challenging Republican Incumbent Steve Chabot for his seat as Representative of Ohio’s 1st Congressional District and has recently launched his new campaign which you can donate to here. Not letting drama or “politics as usual” consume him, Ronan still has been pushing for his people-first policies to this very day.

Progressive Policy

Ronan is not your traditional Democrat, but rather a true progressive who cares about the issues affecting the lives of lower and middle class Americans both in his district and throughout the country. He dares to go beyond partisan rhetoric on most issues and adds his own insightful ideas to the discussion which would otherwise be absent. As a millennial, Sam adds a perspective largely ignored by most politicians in congress, but still makes sure to appeal to other generational groups as well.

As a veteran of the Air Force and a member of the reserves, Sam has had first-hand experience with the wasteful spending of the U.S. military and has pushed for changes from the bottom-up. He has discussed how our country’s military budget is larger than the next 12 countries combined while our service members continually have their salaries and benefits cut and our veterans are barely cared for, if at all. Similarly to Tulsi Gabbard, he has also discussed the need for the United States to stop acting as the world’s police and to end our destructive interventionist wars overseas. With proposed policies to cut defense spending, increase payments and benefits for our troops, and stop the United State’s reign of terror around the globe, Ronan has made it clear that he is dedicated to reforming the military industrial complex for the better.

Ronan is a fierce advocate for science and the environment as he is a strong supporter of renewable and alternative energies in addition to emerging technologies and research. He wants to remove the hindrance of fossil fuel funding on the development of renewable infrastructure and alternative energy research as the fossil fuel industry receives over $70 billion per year in government subsidies while every other energy-industry combined does not surmount to half of that. In his economic proposal, Ronan has discussed redirecting funds to NASA and other science agencies in order to begin a new era of scientific advancement as was seen during the Space Race of the Cold War. In addition to these institutional reforms, he is also supportive of legalizing marijuana for both it’s medical benefits and it’s recreational uses, as well as legalizing hemp production which has numerous practical applications and would greatly benefit the economy.

Actions speak louder than words, which is why Sam went with veterans from around the country to Standing Rock, North Dakota to take place in the #NoDAPL protests to protect the environment, and even the economy as pipeline spills have cost the American taxpayer $7 billion over the past two decades. Ronan has refused to sit idly on the sidelines while the United States faces an onslaught of greed and corruption; he has been on the front lines.

Ronan is a champion of our first amendment rights and not only wants to reverse the FCC’s disastrous decision to end net neutrality, but to expand our first amendment rights by ending government surveillance, limiting the power of the corporate media, and granting us additional rights to protest. From the time he founded his “Average Joe’s Initiative”, he has wanted to make politics more accessible to the average person and to give them a voice in a country that continually ignores their best interests. He also wants to end corporate speech by putting an end to Citizen’s United and lobbying, which would force politicians to become more accountable to their constituents rather than their donors.

Rather than just settling for our broken healthcare system, Sam has been a fierce advocate for Medicare for All and other healthcare reforms to drive down the cost of prescription drugs and provide quality coverage to all Americans, regardless of income. Like Bernie Sanders, he has made it clear that it is disgraceful that we are the only major country on Earth to not guarantee healthcare to all people as a right. Ronan has emphasized that Obamacare is not sufficient and that we cannot afford to either keep it or go backwards with Trumpcare, which his opponent has championed and voted for. He has also placed a need on ending the destructive war on drugs, combating the opiate crisis, and providing treatment and rehabilitation to those with an addiction rather than ruining their lives by throwing them in prison.

Education is an issue that is generally oversimplified in politics as most simply discuss the need to lower the cost of college and to provide more funding to schools, but the issues go far deeper than just monetary policy. Sam understands the need to end Common Core and standardized testing and to revolutionize our education system to be competitive in the world once again as we are currently ranked 28th according to OCED rankings. He also understands the need to not only make higher education free or affordable, but to provide a more practical curriculum that is cost-effective and would help students succeed later in life.

Getting the Word Out

In today’s day and age, we wield the power to communicate like never before through social media and the larger internet, and it is important to spread the word about candidates like Sam. He doesn’t take money from corporate donors, so he relies on small donations to keep his campaign going, which you could help to support here. Even if you do not live in Ohio, you can stay involved and find ways to help as Sam is always looking to get everyday people involved in the political process. If you would like to find out more about him and his mission, you should check out the “Our Voice Initiative” here. Get involved, fight back, and elect grassroots candidates to not only combat Trump, but all corrupt politicians in both major parties.

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