Put the coffee on — We have company!

Greetings Coffee Changers!

One of our favorite people just arrived in Berlin this week, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him around! Henrik Bang, whose been working with us to develop our coffee sourcing chains since the beginning, is visiting our Berlin Coffee Corner this week. Henrik works for ECOM trading, developing relationships with coffee farmers throughout Nicaragua. He’s been our connection with exceptional growers like Luis Alberto, who was ranked in the Cup of Excellence for Nicaragua for the third time this year!

One of our favorite things about having Henrik on the Bonaverde team is his belief that commitment to quality and commitment to people are one in the same.

“It’s very much a commitment to the people and to the quality that makes the difference,” he’s shared:

“The whole idea is to find producers who are involved, and who are looking forward into something new. They’re not just producing because their neighbors are producing coffee, just because they’ve always been doing that. They embrace it as their way of living, and the part that is missing is the appreciation maybe of the consumer on the other side. Coffee as a raw product is often just considered a commodity. The vision, I guess, for Bonaverde, is just to break through that commodification of a product and giving the heart and soul of somebody.”

As we get closer to shipping machines, we’re looking forward to continuing to work extensively with Henrik to develop relationships with growers around the world. We look forward to many more visits as we work together to make sure you’re supplied with exceptional green beans from empowered growers.

Henrik (left) enjoying a day at work!

In addition to Henrik’s visit, we’ve had a little other excitement in the Bonaverde-verse. Kike, Fabian, and Frederic were at RIOT in Berlin this week, making sure tech enthusiasts were plenty caffeinated as the explored the latest in IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We’re looking forward to World of Coffee in Budapest next week. If you’re planning on being there, drop us a line. Kike would love to say hello!
Thanks again Coffee Changers! Wishing you a great weekend!

 Team Bonaverde