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Erik Mclean on Unsplash

She turned her gaze up from the pile of books as she momentarily spotted a familiar face in the crowd. She felt a sudden rush of blood into her heart. But she could not locate the face anymore in the throng; it was only for a few fleeting seconds that she thought she saw those penetrating hazel eyes. She brushed aside the thought, picked up a book from the shelf and concentrated on it.

“Amu, do you think you know her?” Anirban spoke softly into her ears.

“Who?” she spoke, still concentrating on the book in her hand.

“Her! I…

A Story

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Photo by Alec Douglas on Unsplash

His phone buzzed. It was his favorite notification tone. It would cheer him up every time he heard this tone. His eyes would light up, his heart would beat faster. It’s the tone he had set for Dummy’s messages. Dummy, or Damyanti, was his best friend. He picked up the phone and read the message. His heart sank.
“He finally asked me out for a date!!!!” it read.
“That’s great!” he managed to type.
He threw his phone away.

“Hey! You must be Damyanti. I am Abhishek. May I have a seat?” asked the man, who she thought looked more…

Anindya Chandra

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