How a great event can change ICO life

Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Jul 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Recently I was on an event in Singapore. You know, such events, where you need to show what you really can do and how you do that. I think though, there are multiple learnings, which we have got here, which may be in your favor, when you prepare for a great ICO event. Not saying that every event is worth to do so, but if you believe so — please make sure you prepare.

BTW, the only purpose for an ICO to attend open and public events — get some funds. You’re too virgin to show up just for the sake of showing up. You’re not in the position where you can throw money (as most probably you’re far away from the revenue). Go there and attract funds. Be realistic with yourself.

So, here is our little of cutting-edge technique to be prepared accordingly to the event. I would confess that for not all the events I’ve been I was able to do all what is below. Thus, in principle, it’s a max what you can think of. A good event preparation (from the ICO side) means you take most of it.

There are five big buckets for every event. I call them “5P” (please don’t mess it up via comparing with marketing theory):

  • Pitch
  • Partners & Investors
  • Presentations and advertising materials
  • People
  • Process

Pitch. Well, this is quite clear: test your pitch. Many-many times. Like 40. At least, I do that every time I am heading somewhere. Just quitely talk what I’m going to say there from the stage. Time yourself, be natural, be not in a hurry (recently I’ve got this advice myself).

Partners & Investors. Read about those, who would be there. Seriously, make your analysis. I rarely do so and want to kill myself because of this. I think this may have a huge difference. Read about everyone, who may be interested in you or reverse. Also send them personal invitations in advance. Make them come to see you. Bring your passion here. And spend some cash. It worth.

Presentation & Adversiting. Well, here is also very clear. Know your material. Know what you’re going to sell. Prepare materials, which aren’t going to show how smart you are, but to help make a right decision. Don’t overload people with yourself. Do it elegantly and agile. Only main things.

People. Wow, this is awesome, fabulous and crucial for your success simultaneously. People who you take with you for the event shall be good at what you are going to share to the audience. They have to be professionals, self-starters and great speakers. Be ready to leave the event for 24 hours and still be in the business. Everyone whom you bring will be since now associated with your company. Prepare your people in advance, by giving them multiple tests, chances to show up and take a lead. Stress them out to check how much they can do that. Once you’re sure — let them sing a song. Don’t control too much. Your people are what really differentiate you from others. Don’t forget about it.

Process. Think about potential pitfalls way before you get to the conference. We typically do that for 2–3 weeks in advance, however there are some things, which may be lost from our attention. Have a proper problem-solving about “what ifs”. What if all your business cards are gone (this is what you typically have by the end of the conference if you’re working hard enough). What if your presentation hasn't been delivered on time to the scene management crew? Who will provide a memory stick?

All these things are among thousands of questions one needs to think before actually jumping to the event. If he/she wants to be perceived as professionals and get some funds. As said, that’s the only reason to go out and even pay for these events. You can pitch, you can get attention, etc. over media. Here is you need to get traction as legit project and make some fundraising. Otherwise, you can sit at home and avoid bothering yourself too much.

Written by

Alex Bond

Founder and CEO @Discoperi_Inc

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