How to innovate better than giants

Chapter 1

Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Aug 15, 2018 · 3 min read

I used to work on few jobs before I started Discoperi. Until the age 30, I already had multiple businesses in my pockets (all of them are closed or sold) and I was looking another space for myself. I tried corporate and investment banking, management consulting. However, there was something I was missing. Every time my peers were so fascinated about their current or future job — I simply said “Hmmm, well I can do more, much more than that”. I simply was unsatisfied with the level of tasks and my role. I felt I could do much more.

In the beginning of 2016 I already knew that I’m going to leave McKinsey. It was tough and easy decision in the same time. And while I was thinking — I was preparing myself to take another step. I was looking for a new challenge. Initially I was thinking about taking #Malaria as the next real big thing to fight against. I formed a tech team and we started problem solving and building first prototype of what we wanted to build. It was a small device, which one can charge with the sun light and use during the night to protect himself and his family from mosquitoes. Nothing fancy, yet a very efficient and simple. This is what you may want to have while travelling or living in Africa or Mid Asia, where mosquitoes take most of lives.

We were more or less couple of months on the way, however we made a step which was crucial for the success — we spoke to the global largest Malaria investment fund. And we got a sense of what kind of innovations they were working on. We were just amazed. We understood that these people were dealing with the problem on a cell level, structurally changing the mosquitoes inner processes, so that a single specie may hunt its peers and “decharge” them and make them die. Very strong and innovative approach. Way different than what we were doing.

The level of innovations was so ridiculously high and the foundation made so many steps ahead that we were frustrated and concerned if we had to change our space. We understood that this foundation invested tremendous amount of money and literally sourced all the best brains from the market to prepare “a one super killer mosquito”.

What can be brought by a small startup?

Well the reality was that we gave up from fighting back to this foundation. Not because we understood our miserable and shaky position, and even not because they seem to be getting things right in solving the problem. But because a new challenge appeared. The one, which I personally experienced with my own skin and which a human being simply can’t run away from — road accidents.

We started analyzing road accidents with a passion I was looking for within my entire life. Once I told my team what just has happened with me and my family — most of the team members said we need to proceed with our new problem. As this was actually something personal for everyone. Those who stayed were telling examples from their lives when themselves or their families experienced road accidents. It was very team-building exercise, yet which we had without any intention.

Well the rest of the story I will put here later. I think it might be very interesting to keep an eye on a startup, which without any massive billion investments was able to revolutionize the whole automotive industry (around USD2T nowadays). It’s a story of ups and downs, of personal aspiration and confession, of a team that creates a unique products and all the odds it faces. It’s not faked — it’s a real life as we see it. Join us in our journey. And enjoy the fun.

To be continued…

Alex Bond

Written by

Alex Bond

Founder and CEO @Discoperi_Inc

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