New type of art has been born. And it’s not done by a human or by nature.

Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Jun 10, 2019 · 3 min read

I like paintings. As many people do. But I am not a painter. My hands are grown from another area within my body comparing to those of artists. I am happy to accept this fact.

During my lifetime in Madrid, Spain, I spent weeks with my family going through art galleries. It’s a certain #fetish to go around the city to absorb local art culture — the most admirable place to see paintings on Earth. But now I have a chance to associate myself to the art world. Just at a conceptual level of engagement.

Now I have a chance to add my creativity to art world.

We at Discoperi work towards building an AI for solving largest and most complicated automotive industry challenges. Via working on visual recognition we tested thousands of different concepts and techniques, some of them enable us great results.

Give you an example. Here is the photo we used as a proxy. Let’s call it Girl with a car. Now, we sub consciously created many AI networks, which played roles similar to the #filters proposed by 100 Snapchat Marketing. Results, initially was weak, but once we started playing with the approach, it became evident — it may go far beyond and above.

Original photo vs Andy Warhol style image

But that was just for a single picture. However, the magic became vivid with more complicated images. Let’s take one from our camera, which we monitor using our #City_AI in Kiev city, Ukraine.

Original image
Resulted image

Well, I would love to have a painter (or a robot — even better) to put exact colors on top of the current mask. And once it’s done — i will put this painting in our office. And I will be proud that an AI may do that.

For sure, I am not covering here more complex AI image recognition practices. Some people remember about our 6 months ago painting of birds, flying west (using AI we built). Showing here as a reference.

Phenomenal results of AI, built by Discoperi

So what

The point I’m trying to make here is about the fact that AI is disrupting every part of our life. And art (including painting) is not exclusion from the trend. And I am proud that I personally now can do that. Without referent education, just with my creativity, passion and a support from a very smart #AI built by our genius team.

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