The real #cryptoindustry how only few can see it

Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Sep 13, 2018 · 6 min read

Recently I’ve been on blockchain Mediterranean cryptocruise, organized by CoinsBank. This 4 days trip was the first one where I’ve seen the real face of crypto industry and one of the best periods of my past years. Not as formal as you typically see it at exhibitions or on TV. It was very different from most people believe it is. It was both shocking and surprising.

I love crypto community

This “strange new world, where people gots nuts and open their mind to crazy ideas” became much crazier once they all meet up together. It’s like many neutrons and protons hummer together in a massive explotion.

There is nothing on this planet that can be slightly compared to the industry by the level of positivism, creativity and internal dynamic. Welcome to the world of future enterprenuers who aren’t afraid to innovate and are bold enough to fight against large corporations. They (large corps.) have money and best people — so what — we have passion and community behind. This is more important. Full stop.

With Mr. John McAfee

There are few very important outputs for me after the cruise has finished. I had to spend some time to reflect, as my emotions were far away and I was a single piece of synthetic crypto world. I couldn’t feel anything that before, even though I’ve been playing this game for about a year now. It’s totally new ressurection — where a body and mind become separate piece of something bigger. A bit vague description, right? But I just don’t know how to express my feelings in a different way.

Note: Please be careful with whom you share these insights. Crypto world is so unique, honest and virgin — let’s not skrull it up. Please.

Industry leaders are easy going and accessible

Can you imagine what it means for a young startup guy when he approaches one of the top CEOs of publicly traded companies or billionaires for a private chat? It’s like you approach a rockstar whose music you’ve been listening for a while. What would one feel? Inspiration, emotions, passion, drive? All of these and much more. However, it doesn’t happen that often, right? You typically can’t get an access to them as they are too important…

Well, comparing to the rest of the world — it does happen in crypto space. Regularly. Crypto leaders are so open that you literally can collect “shakehands”, and, what it’s much better, have a real chat with anyone. And even party if you know how to do that right.

With amazing Brock Pierce

Crypto leaders aren’t as arrogant as many think — it’s all their clear understanding that we all together are doing the same thing. It’s not a war among cryptos — it’s a war between cryptos and fiats. Don’t forget about it.

With Bobby Lee

Say and be ready to protect what you believe in

You used to see easy going and very generous discussions about some very good analyzed and well-known topic? Well, this is definitely not about a crypto. In this area — you need to be ready to show what you say and prove that you can deliver what you promised. Because if you can’t do that — you’ll be recalled as a scam, criminal, etc.

If you have an idea — good. If you have proved to be right — even better. If people challenged you, but you were able to protect your beliefs — awesome. If you can do that — your opinion would be important and you get upside on the crypto hierarchy. Yes, there is no hierarchy, but if we just create imaginatory — you’ll definitely get upside. :)


It’s very easy to distinguish those, who keep crypto in heart, because it’s their revolution from those who are here because of hype and chance to make a fortune. First group is an idealistic community, where you can easily find the real professionals. In every part of the story: developers, businessmen, marketers, community members, etc. They are part of something big. They contribute to the world because if they can’t do that — no one is able to do that. They have no illusions that tomorrow someone who is better comes and fixes our world. They do that now with their own hands.

I had discussions with few people about what they do. And it’s very clear how they talk about their business and crypto in a nutshell. They’re here because it’s their new world and not because it’s the hottest top of the world.

With Miko Matsumura


Still being subjective I shall confess there are some ridiculous factors, which make me believe there is a room for crypto world improvement.

Too many random guys

Sometimes I had myself on a feeling that our event was kind of “Russian Party”, where many people were missing yet random appeared. Like those, who were simply making money or those who were there for some “deal”, not really in crypto.

High cost

This is an overall industry pain that as many people make fortunes here a regular ticket price goes to the sky. You need to pay an extra and sometimes this “extra” is simply rediculous. Meaning that if you want to launch a marketing campaign, you shall plan million budgets as “all the rest do the same”. Otherwise you need to think better or may be left behind the bord.


Only few people really understand that a fundraising in crypto world becomes closer and closer similar to the one in a regular startup life. Many individual investors were washed away from the market — thus money again are accumulating around large funds. This may change with the crypto prices appreciation, but for now — this is a reality. And for professional VCs (including crypto funds) — traction means a lot. Ask Miko.

So what

When I was waiting for my flight in Barcelona one guy approached me. He said that he has seen me wearing t-shirt with Bitcoin Dot Com sign and wanted jump in to have an intro. He was so passionate as I was when I first time heard about this world.

When I approached Kiev I heard that some guys were discussing me and were so aggressive because of the same t-shirt.

The point I am making here is that crypto world is an innocent, yet sometimes fake and aggressive. Protect it with your all full power and strengths and don’t allow anyone with bad ambitions to get involved. Let’s keep it real.

PS. I am so grateful for my all new friends, which share the same life-view as I do. Thanks to you and big huggs to the community. You’re simply awesome.

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